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Tank Trouble 3

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TankTrouble3_ThumbAre you ready to play the extended version of the popular game about tanks? If your answer is YES I would like to present the Tank Trouble 3 – most recent edition of tank warfare game. The game was released in 2016 year and features awesome graphics and gameplay which you will really adore. Tank Trouble is a multiplayer game. This means that you can play single player mode as well as multiplayer. In single mode you are going to play against computer – Laika. It’s rather good player and you will have to practice a lot before you can destroy it. The multiplayer mode of Tank Trouble 3 features a 1vs1 and 3 Players skirmish. This means that all the players can enjoy the game from the single keyboard and fight with each other. The 3 player mode is also called deathmatch. The winner of the Deathmatch is the last alive player on the board.

The maps of Tank Trouble 3 differ from each other by their size.In fact, the map is made in a form of maze with some places to hide from enemy attacks. During the game you will notice some icons on the map. These icons are called power-ups. If you get them you obtain new weapon. Some of those weapons are good for long distance battle, while others are good in close fight. I am sure you will test all of them to find out which one is the best. Remember that our website offers you the full version of Tank Trouble 3 which you can even play at school, because it is unblocked. Hope you will have a great time.